This blog is about customizing my 1969 Rambler American

Monday, August 25, 2008

body work in progress
filling antena holes


Well i thought the door panels were in ok shape after removing them and pulling out all the retainer clips(not done on purpose)note to self 40 year old cardboard get brittle .i thought ok ill just make new ones here are some before and after they turned out ok

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

her she is

gettin started

This all started some 25 years ago when at the age of 15 i brought home a 1969 rambler american,my very first car .Little did i know it would take a year to make it road worthy,then to my surprise the motor gave out and i left the car along the road never to be seen again.Then by chance 4 months ago i found out that the woman that worked in our office had a old rambler sitting in her yard and guess what kind yes !!!! a 1969 american 2 door sedan just like my first one,cash changed hands and she was mine.(little did i know the obsession that had just begun)I was told that it hadnt ran in a year or so ,I aired up the tires and put a batt in her and a little fuel to prime the carb (only had to do this twice)and she fired over and ran really good for having been sitting for so long.So with my brother Bob(a un willing acomplish to my madness)following i drove her from Marana back to Tucson with out a hitch (85 mph on the freeway)